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5 key aspects to offer a more human CX

We human beings are changing. While our experience grows, we tend to change priorities and preferences; especially in the world that we had to live in nowadays, a world full of technology and advancements that don’t stop.

That’s why talking about customer experience can become a very long topic; the customer from yesterday is not the same today.

However, at the same time there are basic and inescapable needs, in the world of customer service there are some key aspects that an organization must bring if it wants to satisfy the needs of its clients and strengthen its relationship with them. Today we brought you 5 of them.

5 key aspects to offer a more human CX

If you want to generate unique and valuable experiences for your clients, prioritize these 5 aspects of each interaction:

1. Respect your client’s time

It’s safe to say that sometimes you’ve heard the saying “time is gold” and although there is nothing truer than that, this can be seen from different angles.

For example, a businessman could think that each minute dedicated to work could generate earnings, but while being a client, the most common thing that he looks for is to save time.

That’s why when you seek to improve the CX you must prioritize the client’s point of view and to do that there are 2 fundamental factors: waiting time and first contact resolution.

Both aspects can be optimized with a contact center in the cloud; this is because if you have a workforce management system you could automatically anticipate the volume of the calls and assign the correct number of agents to give clients the best attention.

Also, through an omnichannel routing each interaction will reach the most adequate agent at the right time and solve the problems from the first contact.

2. Don’t limit them

Today’s client doesn’t want to be limited, at the time of communicating with an organization the same set of options that he has in his day to day.

In fact, offering 8 or more communication channels improves the rate of customer satisfaction.

But this is only possible in the interoperability, which means between the union of omni channeling and personalization; where it doesn’t matter if the needs or customer’s preferences have changed at the time of communicating, but that your organization knows them and offers them a contextualized and uninterrupted attention, this is what it will make all this possible.

3. Give them autonomy

According to a Harvard Business Review article, 81% of clients seek to solve their problems by themselves before talking directly with an agent.

That’s why self service must be an option in customer service. Self service not only manages to reduce costs and diminish the workload from agents, but it also brings autonomy to the client, it empowers them and makes them feel valued by respecting their time and quickly answering simple inquiries and requests.

4. Keep a proactive communication

Being proactive is defined as the capacity to anticipate problems or future needs; in the world of customer service, it is anticipating the possible needs that our clients will have.

That’s where it is important for the right use of appointment reminders, notifications and tracking of deliveries, updates of requests (pending or timed-out), product availability and alerts of service interruptions, and so forth.

Being proactive brings us a more human and differentiator CX; even it allows us to solve potential problems and avoid complications both for the client and the organization.

5. Allow them to feel valued

When we talk about CX, knowing the client and their history must be an inescapable factor; clients demand being recognized and they even find it offensive having to identify themselves and repeat information.

Not taking to the side the fact that by recognizing your clients and their previous interactions it makes them feel known and valued.

To accomplish this in the best way the ideal is to have CRM integrations and emergent windows that allow agents to watch all the information from the client, including his previous interactions.

This as well can be magnified by artificial intelligence (AI); because it can give agents indications and recommendations that allows them to know how to handle certain situations and complicated inquiries

In summary, if you desire to offer a more human and outstanding CX, you will have to «wear your client’s shoes», listening and understanding them with empathy.

Because who better knows what clients want than themselves?

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