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5 reasons to use chatbots in customer service

The saying “the one who waits despairs” is more accurate nowadays, because for nobody is a secret that the new generation of consumers are consistently more digital, preferring quick online operations, that only involve the use of couple of clicks.

For this reason these types of clients don’t conceive the idea of waiting in a queue to be taken care of, be it through phone or chat. Fact that is generating new challenges to the organizations that seek to deliver an efficient and personalized service but without altering the costs.

To reach these goals there is the last generation of chatbots, , that tries to satisfy the service expectations that clients have. Delivering an efficient experience, also personalized and at a lesser cost than it represents to hire agents only to answer simple requests.

What is a chatbot?

A Chatbot is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that has the capacity to keep conversations with the clients through the internet as if it was another human being.

This is because this class of robot has the capacity to give answers based on the done interactions, references like images, links, texts, client data or a set of predetermined answers.

In appearance Chatbots are very similar to messaging apps like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger; while they possess the capacity of being executed on almost any platform used by customers today

Reasons to use chatbot in customer service

The use of Chatbots in Contact Centers not only implies avoiding the accumulation of requests on queue, but it also increases the customer satisfaction, reduces costs and many more organizational benefits; in reality the use of chatbots will give you a diversity of results that will be shown clearly on the customer service.

1. Simplified attention

Habitually clients with simple requests must go through the same process and queue as the ones with a more complex request; however, with a personalized chatbot these simple requests receive a quicker resolution and at any time.

2. Personalized experience

This technology not only replies to the requests, but it does it in a personalized way, basing its responses on the information and history of each client.

3. Empathic service

Because chatbots take care of giving resolutions to the simple and repetitive requests, the agents can handle those more complex ones that demand human and empathic intervention; which strengthens the relationship with clients.

4. Simplification in the attention process

An updated platform can discriminate what clients need, and if it is necessary it could transfer the support quickly to the most adequate agent for its resolution.

5. 24/7 Operability

Chatbots can take care of simple requests from clients at any time of the day, 7 days a week, making customer lives easier and strengthening the commercial relationship.

Actually chatbots are part of the day to day, we can find them making deliveries, detecting the best flight offers, and so on; but in one or other way they exist to ease the customer’s life, answer their requests and understand their needs.

That’s why regarding customer service is one of the best technological options adapted to our times; in reality, reasons to use chatbots in customer service are too many to count..

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