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The goal of a database is to enable users to access and analyze information as soon as it is available. However, current technology is not fast or scalable enough, so developers must create and maintain complex and costly architectures.

We solve these problems with a database engine that combines fast data ingestion with full ACID horizontal scalability.

Base de Datos

Rely on a scalable SQL database with fast ingestion of NoSQL data and GIS capabilities that allow:


Fast data ingestion

LeanXcale's Key-Value API has a latency in milliseconds of one digit.

Powerfull SQL and GIS

Run easy-to-use SQL and GIS analytical queries.

Linear scalability

It is an ACID database engine that scales linearly from a single node to hundreds of nodes.

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What your company gains with us

It scales flexibly according to your business needs. From the start it implements a useful data architecture for any future needs.
A database engine with fast and secure ingestion. We ensure that your database adapts to sudden storage demands.
Run efficient queries using basic hardware. Only one database is required, so there is less need for servers, specialist engineers, licenses or support plans. Migration is simplified using the SQL Development API.
Simplify your architecture by integrating SQL and NoSQL capabilities. Take a step forward from sensing customer needs to production by avoiding complex architectures such as lambda. Solution development is much easier and more effective with the SQL API

Use it as:

Scalable SQL + NoSQL

Ingest data as fast as you need it while supporting real-time SQL analysis. Perform inline aggregations without deadlocks or interruptions. Track time series in an efficient way.

GIS scalability

Run complex geographic queries at any scale with high-quality data ingestion. LeanXcale can efficiently process a large amount of geographic data while admitting numerous GIS queries in parallel.


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