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Product features

  • Software de Call Center en la nube Call Center Software
  • Our call center software is the perfect bridge to connect automation and memorable experiences. This will allow your agents to be more effective on the phone; therefore, they will not only increase sales but also provide better customer service.

    LLamadas entrantes
    Incoming Calls

    Anticipates customer needs and directs the interaction to the element best prepared to meet them.

    LLamadas salientes
    Outcoming Calls

    By employing predictive dialer, progressive dialer and automated dialer modes you can have better control over your call center dialing rates.

    LLamadas conbinadas
    Combined Calls

    By having everything unified and easily accessible from their desktop, your agents will be able to move easily between inbound queues and outbound call lists.

    Smart Routing

    Automatic call distribution allows you to always route customer calls to the right resource according to your own business rules.

    IVR para contact center en la nube

    Enable your customers to have an intuitive, state-of-the-art Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that allows them to perform routine transactions over the phone quickly and easily.

    Single interface

    Improve productivity levels by eliminating time wasted switching between outbound and inbound calls, all through the use of a single interface for your call center.

  • Canales Digitales para contact center en la nube Digital Channels
  • Offer a true omnichannel experience, leaving aside the divisions between communication channels and give your customers the satisfaction of communicating through the channel they prefer.

    Chat para contact center en la nube

    Chat provides the advantage of being able to resolve situations or respond to customers quickly and in real time without having to resort to calls.

    email para contact center en la nube

    Email should be part of a true omnichannel experience. To do this in the best way you can set up autoresponders and strategically distribute incoming requests.

    sms para contact center en la nube
    Messaging Apps y SMS

    SMS and messaging applications are commonly part of the customer's routine, so using them to get in touch with them is relevant and uninvasive.

    Redes Sociales para contact center en la nube
    Social Networks

    Social networks are key in today's communication with customers and an open window where the world can see and get to know your organization. Therefore, responding quickly to comments and problems posted on them will give you better visibility.

    Pantalla compartida para contact center en la nube
    Shared Screen

    By using screen sharing you will be able to see in real time why customers are communicating and show them how to solve their problems.

  • Inteligencia Artificial para contact center en la nube AI
  • Strengthen your team by providing them with an unbeatable ally that accompanies them throughout the customer service process and makes their job easier while providing experiences that increase customer loyalty. Artificial intelligence (AI) will allow you to leverage bots and automation tools to boost self-service and satisfaction levels.

    autoservicio para contact center en la nube
    Customer self-service

    Empower self-service with the combination of natural language and artificial intelligence and allow your customers to interact through voice and digital channels.

    Chatbots para contact center en la nube

    Having chatbots with artificial intelligence that understand the context will allow you to answer your customers' queries quickly and efficiently; either through native or third-party chatbots.

    voicebots para contact center en la nube

    This artificial intelligence allows you to create voicebots with natural language understanding (NLU) and increase the level of satisfaction by automating voice, phone, web chat and mobile messaging conversations.

    Enrutamiento predictivo para contact center en la nube
    Predictive routing

    It uses this artificial intelligence to understand the customer's intent in real time and give the right distribution to the interaction, sending them to the most appropriate agent.

    help desk para contact center en la nube
    Help Desk

    Provides the best technology to support employees and encourage teamwork.

  • Reportes y analíticas para contact center en la nube Reports and analytics
  • Training will no longer be tedious; you will be able to conduct it through easy-to-use real-time and historical reporting tools. All based on relevant data and best practices applied in hundreds of contact centers.

    Dashboard de desempeño para contact center en la nube
    Performance Dashboards

    Apply coaching and training in the best way. Your agents will improve their performance by being able to manage interactions, analyze data and provide them with recommendations for action in real time.

    Datos historicos y en tiempo real para contact center en la nube
    Real-time and historical data

    You will be able to compile historical and real-time data. This in turn will allow you to organize and search by customer or interaction. Not to mention the clear guidance you will receive through customized and consistent reports.

    Análisis de voz y texto para contact center en la nube
    Speech and text analysis

    With Text and Speech Analytics you will be able to identify key events, ensure goals are met, detect training opportunities and more.

  • workforce engagement para contact center en la nube Workforce engagement
  • With workforce optimization technology you will be able to obtain results that will be reflected in the satisfaction and efficiency of your teams. You will be able to quickly generate projections and schedules while monitoring quality and compliance. At the same time, you will encourage the participation and empowerment of your employees.

    Control y Asegurmiento de calidad
    Quality control and assurance

    Record every interaction between channels without losing data; with this you will be able to obtain information about the Voice of the Customer (VoC). This allows you to maintain quality and comply with corporate policies.

    Desempeño del empleado para contact center en la nube
    Employee performance

    Monitor performance and promote the development of your employees through tools designed to manage and track service levels.

    Gamification para contact center en la nube

    Help your employees achieve performance objectives through useful, real-time information that drives results.

  • apps e integraciones Apps and Integrations
  • Give a new impulse to your organization; integrate your skilled employees and existing technologies with different solutions.

    Portal de apps para contact center en la nube
    Apps portal

    Because not all monopolies work; know and quickly deploy hundreds of third-party applications. Allowing you to customize, enhance and extend your solution.

    Integraciones predefinidas para contact center en la nube
    Predefined integrations

    It has pre-designed integrations that are quick to implement and easy to configure. With which you will be able to integrate other business systems, such as CRM systems and AI solutions.

Learn about the benefits of having your Contact Center in the cloud

Facilitates the development of remote work
Serve your customer interactions through the preferred channel: voice, digital and messaging with no information silos.
Focuses on consultant performance and productivity
Increases company revenues and profitability
Decreases downtime due to system failures
Reduces costs in technological infrastructure


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