Process Automation and Content Digitalization​

Go ahead in the digital transformation

One of the most valuable assets for any organization is information. It can be found in a diversity of formats and supports, which makes its efficient management a huge challenge that appears regularly in numerous organizations, regardless of the sector in which they develop their activities.


A key factor in overcoming this challenge lies in process automation and the digitalization of documentary content and processes.

Automatización de Procesos y ​Digitalización de Contenidos ​

Steps to process automation and content digitization

Discover how document management and process automation will enable your organization to achieve a true digital transformation.

Oficina sin papeles en la automatización de procesos y digitalización de contenidos

Paperless Offices

By eliminating paper from your processes you save on space and operating costs, and improve productivity, efficiency, and secure access to information. This way, you won't have to waste time searching for files and can quickly share information with whoever needs it, from any device.
Automatización de procesos y digitalización de contenidos

Process Automation

Forget tedious manual tasks such as data entry, submission and archiving. It's time to transform these workflows into automated processes with intelligent capture, indexing, sending, and archiving of information in a secure manner, which is a strategic factor in the success of any organization.
Captura e digitalização inteligente de documentos

Intelligent document capture and scanning

Using ABBYY’s Netcontent engine you will be able to recognize, extract, validate and index fields from documents of any type. The captured data can be integrated into your organization’s management systems, generating dynamic and efficient workflows.
Firma digital en la automatización de procesos y digitalización de contenidos

Digital and electronic signature of documents with international legal validity

By implementing digital and electronic signatures, both your employees and third parties can sign all kinds of documents remotely or in person. In this way, you reduce paperwork and unnecessary delays in processing authorizations, approvals, payments, or signatures for important documents.
Acesso desde qualquer lugar e em qualquer momento

Access from anywhere and at any time

Our solution is cloud-based or on premise, which allows you to access information from any device regardless of its location. In particular, this will save you from high costs and the time required to implement other technologies. The only requirement for access is an Internet connection to log in via the web or from the app of a mobile device, allowing you to scale quickly in your company and increase productivity.

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