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Eleazar Medina
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How to improve your agent’s performance with your CCaaS

Do you know that a car without an engine doesn’t turn on? It doesn’t matter how well designed it is, or how good it looks, if there is no engine it will never fulfill its goal

Organizations are like that, if they don’t have the right engine to make them drive, they won’t. An organization without a workforce that goes in parallel with its goals will be completely useless.

By having your contact center in the cloud, you can have the workforce engagement management tools, WEM by their acronym, all integrated into the customer experience and routing platform, which will allow you to improve your workforce performance and with it the success of the organization.

To improve your agent’s performance with your contact center in the cloud, it all starts with listening more and in a better way

The tools for workforce management bring a complete picture of the agent-client interactions. Allowing you to have a performance management system, that will help you define which are the actions that your best agents must do, which have brought a benefit to their personal and organizational performance. Also it will help you to congratulate your agents and check the quality assurance.

Now, by recording and analyzing all the interactions (voice and text) you can get the relevant information for the adequate and expected functioning of the business, know the client more and identify new opportunities to generate income.

Manage and plan efficiently

In a contact center the planning and programming of the schedules are a basic task but generally complicated.

However, by having an integrated platform with the workforce management, the routing and the customer experience, we can find more adequate solutions to all the personnel planning. Making it possible to manage all the workforce and their individual skills from a single place.

That’s why by having your contact center on the cloud you can:

  • Have a more efficient preparation and planning.
  • Distribute efficiently each one of the interactions in all the channels through the routing based on skills and programming.
  • Increase efficiency and improve customer service.
  • Reduce those costs generated by nonplanned extra hours, rotation and even quitting from the personnel.

Improve and give power to your company’s engine

By defining which are those qualities and actions that bring a better performance to your employees, you can personalize the training and coaching. Accomplishing with this:

  • Training the agents, giving them strategies based on the client’s success and not data far away from reality
  • Give individualized training that teaches self improvement in each agent.
  • Analyze the data from the interactions to determine the actions that will improve the performance in real time.
  • Implement a cohesive force between managers and agents to empower customer service.

In this way, by having your contact center on the cloud you will improve your agent’s performance in an exponential way and with that the success of the organization.

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