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Technological pillars that will sustain the CX in 2023

Nowadays we’re surprised whenever we see big buildings and we may ask ourselves. Why did they keep being right there? So, although you don’t believe it, the answer is simple, they have solid fundamentals and resistant columns. 

In the same way, the CX is like a construction operation, entrenched in the employees that are the base of the organization and united by last generation technological resistant pillars that are trending in 2023. 

So, based on this idea, next, we’ll present which are the pilar trends that sustain the CX this year. 

4 Technological pillars that will sustain the CX in 2023 

1. Operating systems on the cloud 

Due to their many advantages with storage and facility at the moment of looking for historical or recent data without any complexity, the cloud keeps being one of the biggest innovations that organizations, education institutions and others keep using. 

It’s good to highlight that, although it has been established as a storage option many years ago, few were applying it. However, their use increased considerably during the quarantine period due to COVID-19 

Today, its use is still vital, experience had demonstrated this. 

2. Artificial intelligence assistance 

As you know, AI came to stay, thanks to their new learning system, it can analyze data of your organization and of each client in particular to direct and execute work plans. 

Also, it has the facility to assist your agents to solve problems related to the requests from the consumers of your products or services. 

Don’t forget, that you can empower chatbots, voicebots, IVRs amongst other useful service tools, maximizing like this the experience of your clients. 

3.  Omnichannel communication

This resource could be the result of a magic act, but is not, certainly is due to technological engineering. 

For his powerful capacity of connecting all access points in the communications, omnichannel, combined with a CRM software, can be favorable for your agents as for your clients, because it will allow them to access the contextualized information concretely avoiding the frustration of both parties. 

4. CRM Software 

This software has the storage capacity and it organizes and administrates the data of the relationships between the customer and the organization. 

Applying it effectively, can be beneficial because you would have access from your clients, so that you can offer them a marketing proposal about your products or services at the right time. 

Also, this tool can increase your sales and improve the support of your agents for your customer service. 

This is our list of the 4 technological pillars that will sustain the CX in 2023, we are hoping this is useful and guide you to deliver the best experiences to your clients. 

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