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Carlos Arturo Pérez
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The CX improves in their many contact points through omni channeling

Omni channeling is a term that is said a lot nowadays and this is because in the world we live, with different types of people; each one has tastes and preferences entirely different from each other and as time passes we have a bigger repertoire of options to identify ourselves.

For example, if we ask the question: what is your favorite movie? To a group of people in 1980 and another group in 2020; the results would be totally different.

Just like in the example, the current customers possess a totally different set of options than they had 10 or 20 years before. That’s why their problems are also different, so they are used to switching between the channels without no inconvenience.

An omnichannel experience that they expect to have at the time of communicating with other organizations.

What does it mean to have “an omnichannel experience”?

Omni channeling is a communication model that has demonstrated to improve the customer experience, because it allows the constant interactions with the companies through many different channels at the same time.

Many organizations think they are acting at the omnichannel level, because they reach their clients through different channels like social media, email, sms and mobile apps; which allows the gathering of certain data, but these actions are better defined as “multichannel”. In comparison,  an omnichannel focus it is characterized by bidirectional communication in each one of the channels..

At the same time, the omni channeling is going to allow organizations differentiate each client independent of the channel that they use; allowing them to keep a fluid interaction without worrying if the customer changes from a channel to other.

Can omni channeling improve customer service?

The omni channeling characteristics makes it the most adequate strategy to be on today’s cutting edge. This allows customer support to answer effectively to each inquiry, at any place or time through the chosen channel by the client, making people satisfied.

Omni channeling also makes it easier for the agent to have access to the profile and client history from the first time. So it even allows them to anticipate their needs and inquiries, making each interaction a personalized experience.

This at the same time, has demonstrated to increase the first contact effectivity and diminish the interactions significatively; fact that affects significantly to the accomplishment of organizational goals and shows the value that it is assigned to the customer’s time.

That’s why the omni channeling not only allows to power the customer service but gives the opportunity that customer service becomes a producer of satisfied and loyal clients.

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