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Mayury Álvarez
Artificial Intelligence, Health, Omni channeling

Why should you change the dynamics in the care of your patients?

If there is something I can see in the field of health, is very wide and with diverse problems, especially in the care of patients. 

That´s why we understand that while the population growth increases and the surge of new illnesses, sometimes the health centers feel collapsed. 

As you may know, and for no one is a secret that during the pandemic, hospitals and clinics in many countries suffered a terrible crisis. 

For this reason, we believe, that nowadays these entities need to readjust the dynamic of their care of patients to improve the conditions both for the patients and for the health personnel. 

4 reasons why you should change the Dynamic in the care of your patients

Now, I´m going to show you 4 of the main reasons why you should consider changing the dynamic of the care to your patients 

1 Prevent the health personnel from the surge of new illnesses 

If you watch the news, television, or on the internet, the arise of new ilnesseses is forecasted. 

Health centers need to be prevented with new automated technologies that will help them fight the potential future health crisis. 

2 Offer more security to the health personnel

Health personnel is a valuable resource and needs to be protected in the best possible way. They are the ones that are in front of the illnesses and help the patients in the most difficult times. 

For this, avoiding unnecesary expositions to certain illnesses is important, for this the use of omnichannel and AI could favor the doctors. 

3 Prevent for patients to be exposed to infections in the health centers 

Another one of the realities that need to be taken care of is patients. After what happened with COVID-19 many people are afraid of going to health entities to avoid getting infected with illnesses there that they could acquire. 

For this, omnichannel is an excellent option for remote care in the comfort of their homes and with the prevention measures that they want.  

4 It favors the patients in the difficult access zones

Getting sick is something common, but you have to consider that not everyone possesses the resources or the possibility to quickly go to the clinics and hospitals. This is where telemedicine becomes a very valuable resource. 

Thanks to this immediate care, them and their familiars have an opportunity, in case it is necessary, to prepare everything to go to the health center and even this could represent the difference between life and death. 

Personally, I consider that it is time that the experience of the patients and health personnel becomes important and that the growing technological advances accomplish an increase in access to health. Do you agree? 

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